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Life is Only One
6.3 - 26.7.2015

The Hong Kong Jockey Club presents Life is Only One: Yoshitomo Nara – the first major solo exhibition of the renowned Japanese artist in Hong Kong. The exhibition title comes from one of Nara’s paintings, Life is Only One! A provocative declaration: Life is Only One!” But what does it mean? The painting depicts a small girl standing on a pile of human skulls, juxtaposing the symbol of death with her innocent face. It makes us think about life’s big questions and reminds us that life may sometimes be hard, but it is ephemeral. Nara invites Hong Kong visitors to give in to their imagination and engage in a dialogue with his work and his world. The 20-week exhibition presents a rich collection of paintings, sketches, photographs, sculptures and mixed media installations drawn from his extensive oeuvre of the past two decades, this exhibition is an evocative journey into Nara’s open-ended interpretation of life.